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Panda’s Circus

Panda’s Circus


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Panda’s Circus Description

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Panda’s Circus Juliet will be everywhere where is Romeo. Director wondered Game if you sent the invitations. Why do not you send them? You are the Secretary General. And I will send invitations? Come and Mark calls. Raja, how do you invite? Why do I call? Will not you ask your brother? My brother does not hold much in India. His business extends worldwide. Sometimes it is in Germany sometimes in Japan Game Sometimes in France Game Sometimes in England Game On the day of performance it will be in America. The president of America invited him to tea. What business is your brother? Any kind of business. It has percent shares of hotels in London. It has oil wells and gold mines as well as ships. And buy your own plane. Furthermore, it must travel worldwide and to monitor their business. Why buy two tickets and wait at the airport? If someone owns an airplane mozheda traveled with him where he wants. Listen, he sent an invitation to the brother of Raja. But he refused! Just send. It will be very fun. What happened? If you hold the plane home Game .. Where will you travel? From the land where I live. There is a great field behind our house. Will make a trip. Unbelievable! Where is your brother now? Here’s me and me.. Under the car. There are a traveler Dzhuhu. He will give you drive? What style? I already have a passenger inside. Hurry, shofyyor. This car or is it garbage? What? You call this crap? Wipe your eyes. Unable to see properly. Call it garbage. May shouting to his mother’s aunt. How to call her? It has been the first minutes. Do not start! I’ll start. What do you start? What is it, where is happening today? Come Basanti! Why make me to lose patience? Get out! Why spoil me information? Start! What say? Really? You got something illegal? No, no. What illegal things? Narkoti and various other things? My Basanti shows red signal. We are good people. Not doing similar work. My car then you lie? The car can you speak? My might. What’s in your bag? Jaggery. Let me see. Why? Let me see. What right have you to watch? So that’s what!

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