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Panda’s Circus Adventure

Panda’s Circus Adventure


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Panda’s Circus Adventure Description

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five years ago? Maybe it was your wife I was taking you to. You know, that would make a lot of sense. Are you married? No, I’m not seeing any other women. You’ve married every woman you’ve ever ed. You just never knew it. Audrey. Audrey, I… I really… Hey… Really care about you. Hey. Hey! Hey, what the , man? Whatever you two do have is ending tonight. Don’t you touch me, Eric! Audrey’s my wife and you’re done with her. It’s not up to you, Eric. This is my choice. You can’t just decide that the last five years didn’t happen. God, where was this man when Jesse Whitehall wouldn’t leave me alone? Where was this man when I was pleading with you to go to counseling? It’s too late. I’m sorry that this happened, Eric, but I don’t love you anymore. Why… Why… Why did you just cancel my route? I’m… I’m not paying for . This ride’s free. You need to turn this car around and take us back to the city, right now, or I’m… I’m… I’m gonna report you, you’ll nev-… You’ll never work in this town again. And then, I’m gonna call the police and report you for kidnapping. Go ahead. You got in the car voluntarily, you can get out voluntarily. Stop the car, Eric. Oh, what are you gonna do? Jesus Christ. You gonna shoot somebody? No, I’m trying to make sure that you won’t. Jesus. Maybe we should talk about separating. Audrey, we can go to counseling. We’re past that. You’re not happy and I can’t make you happy. I… I think you should just take that job in Atlanta. Please… Let’s just take a break… No. Hello? Yes… don’t do th-… I’m in a cab. Uh, the driver’s name is Eric Hollister. You see this? And he’s not… He’s refusing to let me… Is that you want to be with? Out and… Or take me to my destination. Gotta call the cops to handle his , when he can’t even deal with me like a real man. I… I… I… Hey, tell them you’re… You’re with the woman you’re sleeping with and her husband, see what they say about that. I believe he has a gun in the car… Get off the phone… And my life may be in danger. Yeah, tell them which one of us is actually threatening the other physical harm. No, I… I… I don’t have… Give them to me… That information… I’ll talk to ’em. Get off the phone! No, listen… I’ll talk to them. What, you can’t do anything? Nope, they’re not. Oh, that… That… That’s great, detectives. God dammit. So, what are we gonna do, huh, Eric? We’re gonna drive around all night and talk, talk about your feelings and then may be what, sing saying “Kumbayah” at the end or some-…? Look, I will leave Audrey alone, all right? All right? I… I… I’m sorry I met you, okay? I said I was sorry. I’m… I’m sorry that I like your wife, all right? I never meant to hurt anybody. Patrick. Are there other women? Stop. Stop. Audrey, forget about him, please. I think you should go to Atlanta, Eric. No. You’re my wife. Let me try again. I want to be with Patrick. No! He’s not good enough for you. I can start over. I don’t love you anymore. You don’t know what love is. It’s not the affection that you used to feel for me.

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