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Panduke High Flight Time

Panduke High Flight Time


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Panduke High Flight Time Description

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The Ark Three. all exclaiming The finest in colonization technology. I’m Commander Darcy. Allow me to introduce my crew. Our head of security, the amazing Luigi. burps And our brilliant chief science officer, Professor Ralph. clicking Hi. Hi. chuckles Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. grunts Knock it off. You got a hole in your head? Oh, you got to go there. As you can see, these skilled technicians are at the top of their game. Oh, there’s games? Are you guys, uh, humans? Oh, no, not yet. But we will be. We will be. Huh? chuckles nervously Sorry, I get a bit tap-happy when I’m formulating an evil plan. Uh, I mean a dirty scheme. No! A pleasant greeting. Ah that’s it. Now, how can I help you? You wouldn’t happen to know a whale named Nathan, would you? Nathan? Hey, they’re looking for Nathan. Yeah, we do know Not know of any such creature at all. chomping So sorry, mates. But wait, it occurs to me, we may have a way of tracking this Nathan fellow on board our ship. Really? Oh, yes. Why don’t you all come aboard and we’ll see what we can do. We have a state-of-the-art sonar system. Great, I’m starving. Mmm, yes, well. Follow me. We’ll take care of you on the ship. We’ll take good care of you. chuckling menacingly Why did you deceive them, boss? Shh, I’ll explain. Ralph, give the folks the tour. Oh, goodie! clicking Uh, these are the walls, we got a ton of these. Oh, and here’s where we can have protein pellets. moaning So bland. laughing Deep What’s your mission? Ralph You’ll see. laughing all Whoa. Welcome to the Ark Three. I’m Dr. Marvin Laird. Let me tell you about this exciting mission. Scientists have found a distant planet with all the air and water we need to sustain Earth’s life. All remaining humans have already headed there on a ship we call Ark One. Following close behind is Ark Two, containing, you guessed it, Earth’s land creatures. Then, last to launch will be Ark Three, to be filled with as many marine species as we can collect. These fish are being gathered by three of the Earth’s most intelligent sea creatures, rescued from the finest

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