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Panduke High Flight

Panduke High Flight


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Panduke High Flight Description

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Panduke High Flight so I need something to watch. I just activate the alarm, and the cameras start rolling. She doesnt know youre filming her? No way. And the Tripolis guards? They are watching the two of you? The cameras are not directed towards the bed! What do you take me for? They see her undress and a bit of fingering. Shes cut her hair. Looks nice. The rest is private. Cool, eh? The painting will be removed from the apartment in just a few days, Ove. Do you realize how big this is? She is here twice in six months. Youll be left with millions. With that kind of money you can buy her. For the rest of your life. Ill have one without scampi jelly, and dressing on the side. As you wish. Thank you. Will you settle in Oslo now or will you do a lot of commuting? Three and a half million, plus stock options. Im afraid you take things for granted, Greve. Dont forget youre a foreigner. Norwegian companies would like Game Roger. I dont doubt that your methods will work on most people. And I respect that, of course. But we have both been in this situation before. You practically dribbled over me on Game Dribbled? You drooled when we met at the gallery, and with good reason. On that occasion, the problem was not that I was a foreigner, but that I was not interested in a job. But you get to reflect a lot during a weekend, and I concluded that redecoration is not that interesting in the long run. So if its okay with you, why dont we simply drop the charade? I surrender. But I still need more data on you. For my client. Do you play squash? Are you married? Divorced. Children? Unfortunately not. Dog? Yes. Ive got one. He is in Amsterdam. In quarantine? Ill fly down to get him tomorrow. The GPS business is a tough one? Your back. Oh. Thats from the army. The army? I enrolled when I was . After a few years I was enlisted in an elite unit which specialized Game Specialized in what? Tracking. Tracking of? People. Missing people, fugitives. And the technology came from HOTE? Exactly. They produced microscopic transmitters. I had some ideas for improvements

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