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Perfect Pou Love Adventure

Perfect Pou Love Adventure


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Perfect Pou Love Adventure Description

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are you dating this guy? because if you are, there’s no way that any of us can compete with mr. Riches. now you’re being mean. No, i’m not. i just don’t want to see you get dragged down to his level. his level? despite what you or others may think, eric’s actually a nice guy. eric? [ chuckles ] that’s informal. you expect me to call him “mr. Landry” all the time? it’d make me feel better. anna and i call our boss by his first name. what’s the difference? the difference here is your boss is rich and questionable. questionable? i have to get back to work. fine. Just be careful. i don’t like the idea of you working for this beast. don’t call him that. look, i appreciate your concern, craig, but i won’t let you disrespect him, especially not when you’re standing on his property. belle: eric? yeah? are you going somewhere? i thought i lost this. oh. You got a message from kyle kincaid. he wants to know if thursday still works for you. oh. It’s a dinner meeting with him and the ceo. are you free that night? me? yeah, it’s a business dinner. I’d like my assistant with me. uh, yeah, i have a class, but i should be done by :. then i’ll pick you up at :. okay. so tonight’s the big date? it’s a business meeting, that’s all. a business meeting that you’re going to get all dolled up for. do you even have a dress? of course. But it’s no big deal. please don’t tell craig. because craig will get jealous. It’s okay. he’s my cousin, but you’re my friend, and i’m not going to force you to date him if you prefer somebody else. thank you. but it’s still not a date, by the way. i don’t think of eric as anything other than my boss. is he picking you up at your house? Yeah. well, he thinks it’s a date. no, it’s logistics. i have a class until :. he’s picking me up on the way. uh-huh. Okay. sure. you look very nice. thank you. It’s nice to see that suit somewhere other than the dry cleaner’s. kyle. David. This is belle. it’s nice to meet you. my date, julie. this is my wife, diane. hello. Hi. so, eric, let me tell you what we’re thinking.

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