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Pigsaw Final Time

Pigsaw Final Time


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Pigsaw Final Time Description

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secretly, quietly” ADLABS Grandma. this is Priya. Hello, Grandma We’ve met before. l remember. Tell me something. Why did you go away, the other day? l fled, grandma! Out of fright Krishna was playing a ghost to scare us Ghost.? And that well-built Komal Sir was trembling in his boots! He was down with degrees fever! What? degrees? ls that true, Krishna? You shouldn’t play such pranks on anyone, my son Why scare someone so much? Did you apologise? Yes, Grandma. To everybody Priya . tell me something about yourself l live in Singapore with my Mother. My father is no more l’m here in lndia on a vacation with my friend. Herfamily lives in Chandigarh l see l’ll go and wash my hands Priya, for how many more days are you here? Days.? we’re leaving today. ln fact, right now Oh my God! l must leave now. Everyone must be waiting for me. Here’s my phone number. Wheneveryou come here again. .please give me the opportunity to serve you again Where’s Priya? There she is! Hurry, we’ve got to leave. C’mon, everybody!

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