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Pou Likes colored Candy Adventure

Pou Likes colored Candy Adventure


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Pou Likes colored Candy Adventure Description

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The prisoner will stand. There being no legal cause why a sentence should not be pronounced… Your honor, the defense would like the court to consider the fact… Joy, what’s the story? Hey, I tried to save it for you, but you were gone for so long. The court would be lenient. Hey, man, you’re in my seat. It is the judgment and sentence of this court… Eat , asshole. That for the crime of murder in the first degree… You wanna repeat that, pal? Huh? I said eat , asshole. And may god have mercy on your soul. Whoo-hoo! Ooh, nice shot, dude. Oh. Isn’t Mr. Davis here? He’s backstage. Will you tell him I need him? What for? Every one of these buttons here represents a wired seat down there. They’re supposed to go off in automatic sequence, only I don’t know how to set the timer. So in the meanwhile, I’m gonna have to zap everybody manually. That’s fascinating, Bud. I’ll tell him. Tell me… Tell him, then. What do you know about erythrocytes and leukocytes? Say, aren’t those the red and white corpuscles in the blood? Very good, Vernon. I have created a third corpuscle… The “magnecyte.” Theoretically, it can regenerate the blood cells even after severe trauma, any trauma. Even electrocution. I get it. You want to inject me with this corpuscle to see if I can survive the chair, is that it? Exactly. There’s this mystery in her own life that she hasn’t solved yet, which… Sarah, wake up. Your life has been a dream. You are possessed. Mark! Sorry! What are you doing here? I just came to talk to you. Hey, listen, you remember that guy Gates? I can prove that he was here. When we were gone, he came into the box office and he left a message on my recorder. Listen. ! , I must’ve smashed it into the door. Tina was here. I bet she saw him. Cheryl, did you see where Tina went? Check with Bud. He might know. Great. It’s time, Vernon. I’m ready, warden. So long, Vernon. Adios, big Gil. Warm it up for me, Vernon. Anytime, Maxie. Hey, Vernon, whatever they tell you, don’t sit down! I’ll keep that in mind, Otis. Vernon, when you get to heaven,

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