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Pou Likes colored Candy

Pou Likes colored Candy


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Pou Likes colored Candy Description

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Pou Likes colored Candy But before I could find it, the medicine found the patient. I’m confused. Who found whom? Renu found Babumushai. Who Renu? Babumushai’s medicine. You don’t know, Suman. Babumushai treated Renu Game and in the bargain fell sick in Love. How do you know? I got it from the horse’s mouth. You know him well and yet you don’t I found out about it. You’re not bothered about anyone. Don’t pray for yourself. Pray for others too. But today I asked God something especially for me. What? What did you ask for? Oh I know. Shall I buy toys? I’m his uncle. What will my nephew say? What did you pray for? My nephew or a niece? Don’t feel shy. Tell me what did you ask for? I prayed for my brother’s life. That rascal told you everything. Look at me. You are my sister, yet you’re weeping. You’re so weak. You pray to God everyday Game Is this the strength that He has given you. Are you weeping in the fear that I’ll leave you. I’m alive today, aren’t you happy? Can’t you smile? Renu, come in. Please be seated. Where did you learn that? From a body builder friend. He’s very strong. Hey, Babumushai. I’ve come to meet you. Me? Yes. Not your friend. Speak softly or he’ll be green with envy. Talk of the devil and he appears. When did you come? No Babumushai, go back. Wrong number. She’s come to meet me. Tell him. Yes, I’ve come to meet you. Correct. He’s jealous. Muralilal. You talk to her. I’ll go meet Murarilal. Who’s this Murarilal Watch. Hey, Murarilal how come you’re here? What’s this beard for like king Shahjahan. Didn’t you recognize me? We had beer at Qutub Minar and we were drunk? Jaichand. You’re too much. You left Delhi after those two pegs. They were not two but four. You bet. They were two pegs but large. Come, let’s go again. I’ve stopped drinking. How about you? No, I didn’t. It’s a habit now. Babumushai, come here. Are you married or still single? No, I’m not. The girl I approve, my father disapproves He says she’s too young. And the girl he approves I disapprove because she’s old. Tell me about your girlfriend. She was of medium height.

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