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Prison Escape Time

Prison Escape Time


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Prison Escape Time Description

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Prison Escape Time But Mohit should never know I was praising him, how long does it take to get conceited, huh? Top secret sir. Now even this expensive ring seems reasonable for him Game perfect matching. We are not made for each other. Tsck! Actually there isn’t any point in meeting again. So I’ve not come to meet you, I’ve just come to return the money. Breakup. In fact I was going to say it first. Breakup! Fine, you’re first, I’m last Game happy? Fine then get lost. You get lost This is my office Mohit, you get lost Game Your office, your money Game go to hell Mayera. Why do all answers, Seem unreliable. Nothing seems real, On these crossroads Except an imaginary indifference. Except an imaginary indifference. Except an imaginary indifference. This is the entire history of the company Game Please put away the games and try to read it. Why should I read about them, are they taking my interview or am I taking theirs? When I had come to ask for Mayera’s hand, I had done my complete homework on you Game so that I don’t say anything that will make you reject me. Wow! You’re very cool Game Ok, I’m leaving now Wait, wait Game I’ll get you a beer Game No Sir, I have to go to work Game Beer is just a cold drink Please don’t have a cold drink before your interview. Ok, do one thing.. you load the game, I’ll just come. Load the game Game Now where’s this Mayera? Must be on her way Game It’s six Game I had told her to come early Game How much longer can I delay Mohit Game Aah Game The smell of the halwa is irresistible Game The thing is son, this is not a chilled beer, it’s a child beer Game Cheers! Papa I am home We’re here Mayera Game Where are you off to? Mohit?!!! What the hell What are you doing in my house? L Game l Game Hey, son of Romeo Game your Juliet is here Game Leave the window and come in Game Papa please Game Shhh Game quiet Game nobody will speak, Only I will speak now Game Radha! Radha is at home? So where else will she be? C’mon Mohit, show some enthusiasm Game Sit down both of you! Congratulations brother Game

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