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Puzzle Connect

Puzzle Connect


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Puzzle Connect Description

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Puzzle Connect I’ll text Estelle to wait by the steps. It can’t start again It’ll be ok. I’m not going. You have to, Sandra. Taking more? I have to. I’m crying like an idiot again. The doctor said you should stop. Just have half. The only way to stop crying isto fight foryourjob. Shit How’ll we pay the mortgage without your salary? We’ll go back lo social housing. No, we won’t. Don’t give in. You have to fight. I’m a mess again. You’re not. I am. Hi, kids. Hi, Manu. Hurry or we’ll miss him. It’s only a quarter to. Is Mr Dumont in? No, hejust left. Thank you. He didn’t wait? I said he was expecting us to get you here. Mr Dumont! Good evening, Mr Dumont. I’m here with Sandra Come on. Hello, Mrs Bya. Hello. We wanted to ask if we could hold a new ballot on Monday. JeanMarc spoke to some people and told them that you preferred to lay off Sandra. I never said that! I asked him to find out if most people preferred a bonus or keeping Mrs Bya on. We can’t afford both. That was the only question. JeanMarc said you’d rather lay off Sandra or someone else. He said that? To people at least out of opted for the bonus. wouldn’t change things. A new ballot would be more honest Without JeanMarc there in?uencing people. I won’t oppose a secret ballot. Thank you. I wanted to see you on Monday We could I’m talking to Mrs Bya! Forgive me. I’ve nothing against you bull have to deal with competition from Asian solar panels. See you on Monday. Mr Dumont! Can we vote between and 😕 See JeanMarc about it. But don’t get Mrs Bya’s hopes up. Apart from people, they chose the bonus. It’s legitimate. Goodbye, Mr Dumont. We’ve won the first round! What’s wrong? Want to drink? Here. I don’t know what that was. I couldn’t speak. I wanted to tell him I’m in shape and ready to work. But I couldn’t say a word. It’s the emotion of being back here and seeing Dumont. Even if you said nothing, he backed down because you were here. You think so? I know so. It’ll be the same Monday. When the others see you, they’ll forget their bonus. Can I carry them? Me too? All right, two each.

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