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Puzzled Man Adventure

Puzzled Man Adventure


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Puzzled Man Adventure Description

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I can’t think of anything else. Is that good or bad? Don’t always be such a drama queen. I love you. Hey! What’s happening? Nothing, just leave me. I’m sorry. Perhaps he has nothing to say or talk about. Ever thought of that? Nonsense. Everyone has something to tell. Where is Teresa? She comes late today. Great. Tea? I’m fine. Are you both happy? You and Teresa? Sometimes more, sometimes less. But … Yes, I think, we are happy. I just don’t know what he really thinks. What he feels for me and so on. What am I to him? Why don’t you ask him? You’re afraid, for his answer. Glass also says I shouldn’t ask him. And Glass is the right person for advice in such matters? Oh, you’re making me nervous. Please sit down. OK. What do you want from him? I don’t know. More security? You see, we are approaching the matter. The bad news: There is no security in any relationship. Then at least that he isn’t always so closed. He knows everything me but I hardly know anything about him. I feel I don’t know him at all. And yet I love him. Not nonetheless but that’s why. Perhaps that fascinates you? The mysterious prince. Very funny. Boy! How did you manage your ambition, To prevail under millions of sperms? Maybe it would help, if you didn’t … … stumbles through your own life, as an unconcerned spectator, but take more initiatives? Hey! If you want clarity, then do something about it! Do your parents know … Did you tell them about us? No. They wouldn’t understand. Oh, Okay. So. This is the garden. That’s the lawn. My mother has it mown at least once a week. Someone could pass by and see an irregularity. And … There’s the house. Are you coming? What’s in there? Oh … That’s just stuff. Come. Phil, that isn’t important. You’re hiding something. Come, my parents aren’t here. I’ll show you the house. Phil. This isn’t really exciting. May I? What is this? Those are my … I collect things. All the things here have been lost or were thrown away by someone. Maybe you aren’t needed here anymore. Or they had and now are missing. Well, yes. You know, I … I believe nothing is lost unintentionally. In any case not unconsciously, you know? And so, All things here are a symbol of disregard. I … have built my own world here. Here, I give these things a new place. And what do you do with these things? Nothing. Well, I … I make up a story about them. Yes … It sounds “psycho”, right? That’s why I didn’t tell anyone. I … I … Do you also have a favorite thing? What for? Come. Hey! I cooked your chicken. I thought maybe you like some. Thanks. When are you coming back? Are you talking to Dianne again? That really is my business, Phil. If I have to live here, then it’s my business too. And Dianne’s. All three of us. I won’t let you pressure me. Come back! This is childish. I’ll come back when you behave normal again. This mood … I can’t deal with this. Phil. Phil! Phil!! I’ll talk to her. But you have to leave it to me to decide when I’m ready, okay? Telephone. Again. Phil! I’m sorry, he’s still asleep. I will tell him. Bye. Slowly, I’m running out of excuses.

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