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Railroad Adventure

Railroad Adventure


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Railroad Adventure Description

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Railroad Adventure And at this moment I know everyone must be doing just that. But all of us know the climax. And we are waiting in anxiety. No! Anand, take oxygen Game you’ll feel better. Babumushai, open all the windows. Prakash, I’m going to Dr. Shastri Game I’ve heard that there’s a medicine in homeopathy Game that can create miracles at times. Don’t be a fool. Don’t you realize nothing can be done. How do you know nothing will help? Haven’t miracles happened before? Babumushai Game Anand, I’ll come back soon. Don’t go anywhere, Babumushai. Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon. Renu, I don’t want to die. Try and save me. He’s very weak. He won’t be able to bear my death. Has Babumushai returned? He’ll come soon. Has Babumushai returned? Friend. Yes, Anand? Start the tape quickly. Death is a poem Game Yet I have promised this poem that someday I’ll meet Game when sleep overcomes even the painful sinking nerves Game The yellow moon rises slowly in the sky Game when the sun sets at twilight and the night is on the horizon Game It’s neither dark nor bright not night or day Game Babumushai! Prakash, Dr. Shastri Game No, I won’t let you be silent like this Game I’ve been listening to your chatter for the last six months Game you’ve chewed my brains. Talk to me now. Talk to me Game Babumushai! Life and death is in the hands of God, Excellency Game Neither can you change it nor I. We are puppets on a stage whose strings are pulled by Him. When how and who will go no one can predict Game Anand never dies. Joy never dies.

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