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Railroad Big Adventure

Railroad Big Adventure


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Railroad Big Adventure Description

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Let’s go eat something. Hurry up. Close the window. ‘What will you wear?’ Let’s say ‘I’ll go naked.’ That’s too much. ‘I’ll be naked.’ How ridiculous. He liked that joke. We got him. Tonight at o’clock. Go pretend to be a prostitute. Me? That’s too scary. Hey. Hey. What is it that you do? All you do is eat food! Surely you have the drug, right? Stop it. I’ll do it. Hye-ji, don’t. Oh, Hye-ji! It’s only pretending, right? I should sell my stocks. It’s open. Lock the door. Well… You want mango juice? Room Good, great. Aren’t you going to take a shower? I can’t be bothered. Hey, hey! Don’t be like that. Come on, sit back down. I’ll go shower. What were you doing? Go shower. Okay. Aren’t you taking your clothes off? I’ll take them off in the shower. There he is. What the hell? Take the picture! Who are you? Knock it off, I’m warning you! You’re looking good! Knock it off! Why are you so scrawny? Huh? You’re working these pimps? Pimps, you say? We’re her brothers. You think you can fight your way out of this? Huh? You were just caught with a minor. What do you want? million won. Are you crazy? If you won’t pay up we’ll send these photos to your wife and your colleagues and friends. Wrap it up! Mister. I’m going easy on you. What’s the password? Hm? Damn it! What are you doing? Ouch! What the hell? Get off! Son of a ! Damn it! Hey! Come here, come here. Burglar! Stop it! Son of a ! Hey! Dumbass! Douchebag! Trying to sleep with a minor! Enough! You don’t know when to stop, do you? Why did you stomp on him so hard? You hit first. It’s nothing. He can’t call the cops anyway. It’s the motel owner we should be worried about. Dude. What if he’s dead? Shut up! You said he fell on his own. Let’s just go to the police… Min-hee. If you don’t keep your mouth shut we’re all dead. Fine. I won’t say anything. Give me your phone. I’ll get rid of it, along with his. We should scatter for a while and contact each other later. Why are you out in the cold? Go someplace else. I’m back. Where have you been? I didn’t steal these.

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