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Ray And Cooper 3

Ray And Cooper 3


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Ray And Cooper 3 Description

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Ray And Cooper 3 Yup, all style complaints go to her. I see, mmhmm, sweet. Let’s do this. You couldn’t just shit in the sink, huh?! What’s wrong?! It’s frozen shut! It won’t budge! We gotta go back. There is no turning back! Whoa! What the game ?! Go, go, go! Are you kidding me? Hey, are you game ing insane? I’m going to have to pay for that! I had to! They will totally understand. Look, you are a ruiner. I am not a ruiner! Sorry, I gotta pee, I had to. You understand, you understand. No, no, no, no, no game You are an asshole in so many languages! You understand. Oh yeah, this pee feels so good. Whoops, sorry, false alarm. Oh, yeah? Oh, God game Just so you know, I’m giving you the silent treatment too. I just didn’t know if you could tell and I wanted you to know. Hey, I think we’ve solved the mystery of the clogged toilet. Wait, what? No, I told you I would do that! What is this? No, it’s nothing. What are you doing? That’s gross. Give it back. Megan, this was in a toilet, that’s gross, okay? If you had a problem with the reading material you could have just said something. It’s just some stupid article. It wasn’t stupid, though. It was spoton. How pathetic is that, it’s so pathetic game Do you really think my name sounds like the first draft of a name? Yeah. Like a good first draft, you know? Like it’s really close. And did you really fake it? What are you talking about? Last night. You know, when you were making what I would describe as like bansheeesque screams of pleasure, and then this morning, you called into question their authenticity? So game What happened to like, “hey, let’s just pretend we never had game ?” Yeah, I’m over that. Why are you even thinking about this again? I haven’t stopped thinking about it. Oh, all right, well, see, I just said those things to hurt your feelings because you hurt mine, you know? Yeah, I don’t really buy that because I think women are most honest actually when they’re trying to hurt somebody’s feelings. Fine. But this can’t be the first time that a woman’s faked it for you. Uh, definitely was.

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