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Recover Me Moar 2

Recover Me Moar 2


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Recover Me Moar 2 Description

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Recover Me Moar 2 Opium? Get out! Get out! Where is that fat man? He ran away! My Basanti detect smuggling, thieves and robbers. Okay? He said trash! Forgive me Basanti. I am also angry as you. As you can see I’m not so smart as you. Bananas! Fresh bananas! Arcade! Who say my name? Who is it? I am. Why is your face sad? Chotu when to hold your head high? There is only one thing in my life. Debts Game or fever! What’s wrong now? I’m tired of life. I do not understand what government is doing. You start again to scroll! And I Do? My room is so small that when stretches morning Game my two hands touch the wall. In this room live with my fat wife and children. my wife and children are always upstream. You can laugh at my wife. Even the public and the government laugh. You there! Move your cart! Hurry! Move, or else the cops will get caught. Goodbye. You there! The road is so wide. A people yet walk in the middle. Madame, do not you hear the siren? It you have cotton in your ears? A hustle and she would fly Football as topkal. Do not you hear me? Hey! She is pregnant! Madame, forgive me. I did not know. Where are you going? Allow me. Burning. Okay, sure. I have no money. It’s okay. Only come. Beware Game Let’s go! Now listen Game What do you say? No, no Game how so? I beg you. Not bothering me? Start! What does your husband? He is in police forces Right. He was an inspector! Madame, I have a brother who teaches at a college. I want him to become an inspector. You better listen, Basanti! You go? My best wishes for the baby. I lost my time Unbelievable! I do not understand why not start when entering criminals. But why not start when lady was here? Farida! Yes? Come here. What happened? Look, Raja sent a postcard. He has invited me to attend anniversary of the college. You’re inside a great time! Sure. Since I was in college for the first time Game should get there in style. Why not wear a ‘sherwani’? ‘Sherwani’? He ‘attended a recitation of poetry? Should I wear a ‘dhotikurta’ then? You present it to Parliament? Wear a suit! Come with me.

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