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Recover Me Moar Time

Recover Me Moar Time


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Recover Me Moar Time Description

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she was registered to her family. But it says here that Park Soo-hee is dead. According to Hye-ji, it was a car crash. Her stepfather gave up custody, so she went to an orphanage. We searched the entire country without knowing that! Please write your name and leave a thumbprint. Here you go. We can’t thank you enough. Not at all. Thank you so much. Just wait for a while. Are you done? Leave that off at the clinic. Okay, thank you. Please wait here. Should we throw a party? Of course we should. Sorry to keep you waiting. Come on in. Hello. Are you really Hye-ji? You’ve grown so much. Look at that face. You still have this… Why didn’t you look for me? Mom said that you died. You must have struggled so much. My baby… My grandchild… Everything’s fine now. I found you. You’re alive. Let’s take a picture. Come to the center. Shouldn’t we be in the picture, too? No! More to the right. No no, that way to the other side. Smile. I’ll take the picture. Three, two, one! This house feels cozy now that Hye-ji’s back.

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