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Red-handed Description

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Red-handed I need a new body, No, everything is okay, Get up, Jesus, Gotta go, The cops are on their way, Come on, Jas, They were shooting at me. Do you get it? Bullet passed by my head. ing unbelievable. Shooting at me! Who was it? They were in a black wheel drive, You’ve got many friends, Hammer? Rather Preacher, Keeps on saying that you’re a snitch, It doesn’t look good that you hang around with Sikora, You found violence disgusting? Exactly, If you had been born in a different place, you’d be a good citizen? Good husband, father, That’s what you want to say? Exactly that, I wonder, which one of us is mistaken, After that shooting I didn’t know, what to do. Two weeks later something happened, which left me with no choice. Jas, come here, Come right away, Mira! Mira! Are you all right? Mira! You’re all right now, You’re okay, No, you can’t, Where to? Easy, off! Move away, Come, Thanks, I owe you, No problem, Every job should be like that, That’s when you made up your mind? They took this decision for me, What would you do, if your family had been attacked? What would you do? I had no choice, Let’s meet, Not now. Call me tomorrow. Now, or never, The flyover at Litewska, in hour, I’ll be there, I agree, I’ll work with you, But not because of Malgoska, I did not rape her, In addition, Malgoska had a stint with some moron from Piaseczno. After that there was no turning back. So? The ride, is really de luxe, So, is it here? My partner will come here in another car, If you prove to be solvent, Relax, we are serious guys, No doubt, but I’d like to see the money, Good evening, Ride is over, Get out of my car, Move it, now! Easy! What’s that? Cuff them, I told you, it’s some fishy business, I’ll get you! I’II, Shut up! We can still go back and forget about it, Don’t negotiate with her, You’re ed, Hands! You stupid bitch! You think, I won’t find you? I’ll get my hands on you, You like this, don’t you? Like this kick? Like the cuffs, don’t you? You’ll see, I’ll you, bitch, Stupid bitch, You want it? Come on, Come,

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