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Regular Room Escape

Regular Room Escape


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Regular Room Escape Description

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Regular Room Escape He’s the one who didn’t believe you? About the heat shield? No, no, not exactly. He actually went to bat for me until he got killed by the brass for even suggesting an abort. If they’d listened to you, they would have Game Son Game maybe one of the single most important things for a person to learn is humility. When you think you know it all, when you think you’re the smartest guy in the room, that’s when you Game that’s when you need to listen to other people. So if Captain Manley comes around again, make sure you tell him I said hi. Okay, Dad. For this next test, you have hours to launch the Discovery. You will dock with the International Space Station. You will launch a satellite, and then you will safely bring the Discovery back to planet Earth. Now, before we launch, are there any questions? We’re good. Good. Sergei. Let’s light this bad boy. We are go for launch. My favorite words. Auto sequence start in Tminus , , ,,. Solid rocket booster ignition. Discovery, you have cleared the tower. Commence degree roll maneuver. Discovery, you have approximately five seconds for SRB burnout. Ooh. Heh. We have SRB separation. Congratulations, Discovery. Yeah! Yeah. Whoo! Awesome. Did it. Now let’s prepare for the second phase of your mission. RUSTY Now hand me the drill for that V valve over there. All right. Satellite ready for deployment. JIMMY Don’t overtorque it. RUSTY I’m a mechanic, remember? I’m not gonna strip it. Play nice, boys. Pick it up, Rusty. Let’s go. We’re not gonna miss our window. Give me a minute. Hey, hey, hey. Quit it. No. It’s not the place to do this. Fire OMS at % to adjust attitude for reentry. We can get there faster at %. What’s the hurry? It’s a shortcut. Don’t we want to beat those guys’ time? Okay. I’m not too sure about this, guys. Discovery, you’re coming in too steep. You’re gonna burn up. BAO Just throttle back, Lacey. Not yet. Even I wouldn’t use that much power. Rusty. Pushing on us. We can push back harder. Get back to your seat. COMPUTER Danger. You’ve got about five seconds before you’re all french fries.

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