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Rescue Cute Bear Time

Rescue Cute Bear Time


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Rescue Cute Bear Time Description

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You’re a lover, aren’t you? l’m Krishna Look. stay right there! Don’t come closer, okay? You sent for me and here l am. You’ll get peace now May l go now? All l want is friendship Friendship.? Hey. don’t be afraid. l’m as human as you are Touch me if you can’t believe that. Touch you? l’m sorry See? The colour of my blood is red, too. Are you convinced now that l’m not a ghost? lf you’re not a ghost then that picture? That’s my father’s photograph. He’s no more l look exactly like him. l see But the other day, how did you suddenly get on that tree to save my life? And yesterday! How did you climb that mountain so fast? Maybe because l’ve got used to it Right from my childhood, l’ve grown up playing among the trees and mountains. .with the birds and the animals. l spend most of my time here l guess that’s why they’re my friends Would you like to meet my friends? Wow! l still can’t believe it! l won’t let you poke that pin again! lt hurts because l’m not Kalicharan. See? He’s not Kalicharan! l’ve always been saying that!

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