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Rock falls

Rock falls


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Rock falls Description

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Rock falls Let’s open a store somewhere, We won’t starve, We’ll manage somehow, What are you talking about? A store? What is it about? Do you need anything? Tell me, do you need anything? What do you want? Look at your house, You can choose: Either you’ll do something about our life, or I’ll leave you, And that’s when Sikora came? Exactly, Hello, Sergeant Marciniak, Hello, Do you know, how much you were speeding? zloty, officer? Excuse me? zloty, officer, Your papers, please, Sorry, I didn’t want to offend you with zl, license, registration, insurance, Will it take long? I’m in a hurry, Thanks, Do you remember me? Daddy? Get out, We’ll go for a walk, Are we looking for mushrooms? Have a look, Sarnecka says, you did it to her, What is that? Why are you giving me this shit? Your wife will be happy, She’ll have more chance for your wealth at the divorce, Okay, Mr, Sikora, What is all this about? You want something from me, right? Let’s go for a deal, No offence, but I don’t make deals with cops, You used to, It was long time ago, I was a kid, the police scared me, But I got out from it fast, You know about it, I know, But Hammer and Preacher were doing time because of you, And people are mean, Blacha, Someone may sell it, that you’re still ratting, Cut that crap, You may nail me, but I’m not a snitch, I know, who you are and who you’ll be, Guys like you end up in jail or in dirt, You may live , years more, And then I’ll read about you in the newspapers, “Another victim of gang warfare”, It’s me calling, Save this number, That’s your last chance, Were you able to face your friends? Was I able? I had to, I had to face them, drink with them, That’s life, man, Either somebody sells you out, or you sell them, You think, it’s not the same in your television? Don’t I know it? It’s your opinion, You must have been a tough player, If nobody had figured it out, I keep having the same nightmare, That, That I, Preacher was looking for confirmation, that I’m snitching, or that I conned the elders for some money. Old hate doesn’t rust.

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