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Save Sister2

Save Sister2


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Save Sister2 Description

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Save Sister2 Really? Yeah. I used to come here, like, every Sunday. Really, you? ‘Cause I never pegged you For the prototypical football fan. Really? Yeah. No, I love the football. Oh, you love the football? Yeah. MmHmm, yes. Well, Mr. Football man, How many points does one get for a touchdown? Hmm, here, wait, let me think. Oh, nice, good. Yeah, awesome. Oh, wait, almost got it. That’s the one I was looking for. Perfect form. Well done. All right, I don’t know anything about football. But what I do know Is they got some bomb hotdogs here. And the bathrooms are way cleaner than you’d expect. Oh, cly. Yeah. Cly stadium. Yeah, we used to come here every weekend. My mom was a big fan, So this was usually the family outing. I’ve never heard you talk about your mom before. It was cancer, right? No, actually, she was a Sagittarius. What’s your mom? Yeah, she ped away a few years ago. Can we actually skip this whole “How did it feel when she died?” Thing? I have done that with so many guidance counselors. I am good. Yeah, no, I mean, I was already getting bored, So I’m really glad that we’re moving on. Thank you so much. Awesome. So, um game what would you prefer to talk about? Actually, you know the other night When you said it was “just “? MmHmm. Was that, like “just ” one time, Or could we just have “just ” Just again? From the dead mom to . That is a very impressively smooth segue there, Romeo. Mm, I’d say it’s a touchdown. Yeah, awesome. It’s not real without the dance. Okay, there it is. There you go, yeah, nice. No, seriously, though, You didn’t answer the question. Ah! Ugh! Oh, ! Sorry, sorry, sorry. No, I thought it was gonna be, like, romantic. Oh, my god, are you okay? It’s okay, it’s okay. You okay? I think I taste blood. Oh, . Oh, I think I taste blood. All right, we’re here. So you brought me to a place I’ve been to a billion times before? Hit it. Whatever it takes You know I can make it through Degri? That was my favorite show growing up. I know. You performed the theme song at the middle school talent show Three years in a row.

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