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Save The Dummy Adventure

Save The Dummy Adventure


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Save The Dummy Adventure Description

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I left it at school. It’s alright. You might as well. It’s so heavy. You’re going back tomorrow anyway. Let’s eat dinner. You must be hungry. Come on out! Okay. Eat up. Oh, dear… Hold on. I’ll eat it myself. No. Go ahead. Go on. That’s it. To the right! Rotate your arms! That’s it! Make waves with your arms! Will Hye-ji be more comfortable if moved to an apartment? She’s all you ever think about. You could fix your house to make it more comfortable. I don’t have money to fix the house. But if I sell the house, I’ll get a lot of money. You love her way too much! Work your side muscles! The wind is dying down. Let’s go diving! The wind is dying down! Churn the butter! Let’s go work! Wait, everyone… Put it over there. Hey! I’ll let you skip class if you join the art club. That’s why they joined, too. You don’t know what to draw? Draw this bald guy first. Huh? Start by sketching. Hey… You’re not scribbling in your notebook! I quit. Hey. What? Drawing out here is better than attending class. But go if you want to.

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