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Save The Paintings 4

Save The Paintings 4


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Save The Paintings 4 Description

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Save The Paintings 4 can move my stuff over to Kevin’s place. He owes me for a plunger. Okay. Let me know when you’re out. Hey, Daisy game Can I ask you something? Yeah. Did you ever game Fake it? Wow. A year together. Done. And that’s what you’re thinking about right now? No, I’m thinking of all kinds of stuff right now. I’m thinking of memories and feelings and game But I just need to know if game did you do that? Yeah, I’m sorry. I got lazy. But you shouldn’t have faked it. Okay, because that’s not helping anybody. You gotta communicate. What happened to you? Tell her, talk to her. Megan, Faiza has something she wants to tell you. Okay. Listen, normally I’d wait to bring this up until after you’d recovered a bit, but Cedric and I sort of enjoyed having the place to ourselves the past couple nights. We did. And I wasn’t sure that we would, ’cause I am so used to you always being here, you know? Like game nonstop, all the time. Um, but game baby, help me out, please. Yeah, basically we were just thinking, what if you moved out, you know, like what would that be like? And you have to understand, you can stay here as long as you need, until you get on your feet. A couple of days, three days game However long you want. Four days. Okay. No, I think game I think it’s a really good idea. You do? She says she does. Look, I only moved to New York because of Chris. And I thought that if I went home it would just be admitting that. So I stayed and made sure that the Internet wasn’t lonely. I needed a kick in the ass. Cool, so do you know what you’re gonna do? No. No, I have no game ing clue. No idea, unhunh. Do you know what this means? That this is our last new year’s Eve as roommates. Awesome. Yeah, hey, so I realize this is probably wordforword something that a crazy person would say, but I met a girl on your website a few nights ago and game I think I can save us both some time here. Yeah, no, no, no, I don’t need her address or anything, I just need to know her last name. I’m sure it was magical, but we can’t give our customers’

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