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Secret Room Escape

Secret Room Escape


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Secret Room Escape Description

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Secret Room Escape Ill get you some milk. Eh? Milk neutralizes poison. Thats what they would do at the hospital. Then give me milk! Call them. Dont do anything stupid, Ove. Then Ill do it myself. Just calm down now. Roger! I would like to talk to you. No! Roger? Our main research interest was the tracking of people. Microscopic transmitters. Hello. I just thought Id visit the cabin. I thought you were Kjikerud. No. Its his car. Yes. Arent you some kind of businessman? I was fired. May I park the car inside the barn? per hours. ? You could park for free by the roadside, you know. If you touch the tractor, I want compensation! What a rush of people here today! Im just visiting Roger Brown. You mean that businessman? Yes. What do you want from him? We have an appointment. What youre all doing up there is none of my business, but he probably didnt invite you for coffee and cakes in the cabin. In the cabin? Yes, and since its my property, maybe a slight compensation would be fair? Search! Hello? Who are you? Oh shit. Youre not supposed to be out of bed. Did anyone ask for me? No. Get back to bed. Well, except for the police. Huh? Theyre waiting in the corridor. I told them you should have your breakfast first. Because if you manage to smash the larynx, youre a good fighter. Experienced. Ever heard about something called kodawying? No wonder. Do you know how many martial arts there are? Three thousand. Three thousand. Youve got wushu, martial arts from China. Tahtib, Egyptian stick fighting. Thats him! Thats him. Hes running away! Hey! Hey! Freeze! Freeze! Sunded, Ive got him! Hi. My name is Olav Sunded, from Kripos. You are a suspect in the murder of the farmer Sindre Aa. Come with us, Kjikerud, and well go through the rest at the station. What? You are Ove Kjikerud? Yes. Where are we going? Were going to Elverum Police Station, for questioning. And I hope you cooperate, so that I can go back home to Oslo tomorrow. Attention all patrol cars. In other words, both of them. Bravo here. Egmon Karlsen has reported his truck stolen. Did Karlsen sound sober?

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