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Shadow The Adventures 3

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  • Shadow The Adventures 3

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    Shadow The Adventures 3 Description

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    Shadow The Adventures 3 Our guy never went to New York. He had someone scout it for him. And they posted the pictures so he could plan the attack. INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER SWAT TEAM YELLING Wait, wait, stop. Back up. There, that. HARPER: You know that building? Jack works there. It’s Wall Street. Oh, Jesus. An attack on downtown Manhattan. I’d say that’d start a panic. FEMALE LEAD AGENT: Get me Harper. MALE AGENT: Feds just uncovered evidence suggesting he camouflaged a van stolen from work. Discarded tags, auto paint, paint thinner. BEEPS CHANG: Tire tracks indicate we’re looking for a Ford Econoline, white or blue body, long wheel base. Tell FBI we can be at the site in ten minutes. Dr. Muller, there’s a car to take you home. An agent will stay with you. CATHY: No. Take me to Lennox Hill Hospital. They might need me. If I don’t make it back Game Look. I will see you tonight. We’re having dinner. And we’re gonna split the check. Sir? Excuse me. The chopper is ready. AGENTS SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY Have you been in one since? Don’t worry about me. I haven’t yet. CLAMORING Move! Bomb disposal going in! SIREN WAILS Hold on! Get back, get back! WOMAN SPEAKING RUSSIAN The market has opened in New York, Mr. Cherevin. Margin calls from creditors are imminent. Do we sell? Not yet. MAN: ON PA Please proceed as directed by officers. I repeat, a total evacuation Game Jesus Christ. OFFICERS SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY MAN: ON PA Emergency vehicles only are allowed access beyond this perimeter. AMBULANCE HONKING SIREN WAILS Emergency vehicles only Game We got a dozen ESU trucks coming in right now. I put the alert out to the FBI and Counterterrorism to expand the EBU’s search to a block radius. JACK: No, this isn’t right. MAN: ON PA I repeat, emergency vehicles only are allowed access beyond this perimeter. CITIZENS CLAMORING OFFICERS DIRECTING CITIZENS OFFICER: I want air traffic shut down over the city. MAN: ON PA Emergency vehicles only are allowed access beyond this perimeter. SIREN WAILING Harper! Harper! Harper! Teddy! Teddy. Jack! I thought you were in Moscow.

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