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Shadow The Adventures 4

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  • Shadow The Adventures 4

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    Shadow The Adventures 4 Description

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    Shadow The Adventures 4 I was. I need the bike. Jack! WOMAN SPEAKING RUSSIAN We recommend immediate execution of sell orders. Wait. SIREN WAILING Jack. I got him! Jack, where are you? It’s a diversion! The painting in Cherevin’s office, it’s right out of Napoleon’s playbook. It’s Waterloo! He’s not going to the building, he’s going under it! STATIC Jack? Jack! I need a crosssection of what’s underneath this building. I need it now. CONSTRUCTION CREW YELLING INDISTINCTLY The greatest upward blast amplification, where would it be? The convection chimney. Here. If the force of the blast is channeled up through it, you’re looking at shock over pressure, six or seven buildings come down. HARPER: Jesus. That’s half of Wall Street. SIREN BLARING EXHALES SWAT : Let’s get this thing up! OFFICER: Come on, clear the area! We got to move! SWAT : Open it. SWAT : Secure the ropes. We’re going down! BEEPING GRUNTING GROANS BEEPING RAPIDLY JACK: Oh, God, no. GRUNTING WOMAN SPEAKING RUSSIAN Trading is about to be suspended in New York. Mr. Cherevin, we need to act now. VIKTOR SPEAKING RUSSIAN Please Game Aleksandr. GRUNTING RAPID BEEPING CONTINUES PANTING SIRENS WAILING HARPER: Where are you, Jack? I’ve got people coming to you! INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER SWAT SCOUT: We got nothing here, Harper! HARPER: Jack. The selloff’s programmed for :, that’s two minutes from now. Harper, we’re not talking about or , people. More like ,. Just get me a clear path to the water! HARPER: Head north on Front Street. HONKING GRUNTS CARS HONKING GRUNTING PANTING OPERA MUSIC PLAYING SPEAKING RUSSIAN MAN SPEAKING RUSSIAN Sorokin wants to meet you now. It was always for Russia. So is this. GUNSHOT You didn’t pick this life. I did. But I picked you. I can’t even kiss you. Yeah, you can. That side? It doesn’t hurt that much. Really? You sure? DOOR CLOSES FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING Commander Harper? Dr. Ryan? They’re ready for you. Direct. Clear. Concise. If he doesn’t ask, he doesn’t want to know. Yeah. Okay. Any way you can get that boyscouton a fieldtrip look off your face? Not a chance. That’s what I like about you. PRESIDENT: Harper, when do you ever sleep? You know what, don’t answer that. I kind of like the idea that you don’t. Let me keep thinking it. And what’s your name, son? Ryan, Mr. President. Jack Ryan.

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