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Sherlock Holmes Adventure

Sherlock Holmes Adventure


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Sherlock Holmes Adventure Description

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Sherlock Holmes Adventure Your father saw you one evening and beat you up Game Now tell me you didn’t reveal anything. Yes, tell her. Trivedi must have told you. That means you told Trivedi. What’s the use of fighting now? Please, Bhabhi (sisterinlaw). Yes, Bhabi Yes. Bhabi. Why are you calling me Bhabi? I followed the majority. I’m telling the truth. I don’t sing. He’s just teasing me. Anand, the day after tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. So come with Bhaskar. I’ll surely. Bhabhi, which flowers do you like? I’ll get a large bouquet. You shall not come. Why? We don’t accept gifts. Do you accept cash. We are not having a party. We’re just inviting you. Don’t be obliged. I won’t be but you’ll have to. There should be variety of food that Game my stomach will not be empty. No problem, I’ll pack bags of it for you. But on one condition. What? You’ll have to sing a song now. I know you sing well. How do you know? The same old astrology. You mean face reading? Yes, I’m her astrologer. I told her. Come on sing now. Empty the seat. Anand, sit in Prakash’s office. I’ll be there. When does the matron come? Who? Mrs. D’sa? Yes. She’s already come. Then I’m dead. Why? What happened? Nothing, come soon. Hey, fatso. Murarilal, how come you’re here? Are you fine? Didn’t you recognize me? I’m Anand. We had beer at the Qutub Minar and we were drunk. How’s your jaggery business doing? I’m not Murarilal nor do I sell Jaggery. My name is Chandranath and I sell oil. So you’ve started to sell oil. I haven’t. It’s an ancestral business. So what, Murarilal? Any business is equally good. I told you my name is Chandranath. What’s in a name? If your name was something else, would you change? You’d not, you’d do the same business and meet me. Come on. shake hands. I’m glad to meet you. Are you? So Mr. Chandranath, what’s new? There’s a new complication. A shifting pain. Shifting pain. I had it too. There’s no better doctor. I first had it here and Game It shifted up and went out from my head. Where do you have it? In my knees. I’ll take a long time. Problems.

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