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Ship installation

Ship installation


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Ship installation Description

Ship installation, Ship installation Games, Play Ship installation Games

Ship installation There’s a woman from Solwal who wants to talk to you. Can’t it wait until Monday at work? Today or tomorrow would be better. She says today or tomorrow. He wants to talk to you. Yes, hi, Hicham. Did Kadertell you All right. Too bad for me but I understand. All right. Goodbye. Thank you. Goodbye. Kaderhad called him. He said no. He needs his bonus. Juliette just texted me a new address. I’ll get water. Want anything? No. cents, please. Thank you. Goodbye. Hicham? Come in here. I work here weekends. My wife can’t say so. It’s on the black. Sony I was so curt on the phone. But I can’t do it. I don’t want you to lose your job but I need my bonus. It’s a yeafs gas and electric bills. Try to see it from my side. I’m better. I want to work and earn a salary again. I want to be with you, not alone on the dole. Ideally, you stay and we get the bonus. I told JeanMarc that earlier. He says Dumont can’t do that. You saw JeanMarc? No, he called me. Like the others, no doubt, so we won’t change our minds. Why does he think it’s best I’m fired? I don’t know. It’s what he thinks. I told him he was wrong but I have to go. What did he say against me? He thinks you can’t work so well after being sick. I said it wasn’t true. I wasn’t any weaker after my accident. I was more motivated, remember’? What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Are you ok? Drive. You don’t really believe it can work. Of course I do. You have to believe it too and ignore that asshole of a foreman. He’s right. I’m not up to it anymore. I can’t stop crying. I’m losing my voice now So? Anyone would break down. You’re in shape to go back and you learn you’re fired. It’d knock anyone out. It’d knock me out too. If they take you back, after a few weeks with Juliette and your friends, you’ll work like before. Better even. We’ll see that guy and his son. Rue C?te d’Or isn’t far. I wish that was me. Who? That bird singing Shall we go? I can tell we’re going to split up. WW do you say that? You don’t love me anymore. You pity me but you don’t love me. Doesn’t it bother you we haven’t

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