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Siberian cold

Siberian cold


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Siberian cold Description

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Siberian coldHe was murdered two nights ago. Found his body in the tenderloin. Well, if you find out who killed him, you give him my congratulations, okay? We’re trying to determine if he had any enemies. You know, anyone who may have wanted to harm him. There’s a whole list of ’em right there. He killed our daughter, you understand? The coroner said it was an overdose. No, he fed her those drugs. That’s how he controlled her. He was an addict, and a pimp. And he turned her out, knocked her up, and then watched her die. This was the last email he sent before he was killed. Erich Blunt. Do you know him? Yeah. He’s our grandson. Kevin’s son. They found Sarah’s body right here. Family graveyard. We come here every day. For years. This ain’t a great time, guys. He’s on his way to L.A. for a meeting. Well, we’re only going to be a few minutes. But I do get to ring the bell? Yes, but we’re going to do it in San Francisco. Game Hi. Game I’m sorry? Well, what is this? Inspectors Mulligan and English Game SFPD. They’ve got a couple questions. Okay. Uh, well, I’m so sorry. We are running a bit late. I am his attorney. Here’s my number. Call me at my office. We’ll set up a meeting. Okay, well, this will only be a few moments. Or he can come down to Bryant Street with us if you prefer? I got a minute. Great. So, you’re sure you’ve never seen this guy before? Uh Game like I said. I meet a lot of people. Great, but that doesn’t really answer my question, so Game All right, yeah. Yeah, I’ve seen him. Chances are Kevin Neyers is my biological father. I’m adopted. I was curious. Jimmy Salter and I, we did some research, and we narrowed it down to this guy. I went to meet him a couple of months ago. I thought it might have some meaning. Maybe answer some existential questions. You saw how he lives. Kevin Neyers was my sperm donor and nothing more. So, I gave him some money and said goodbye, but guess he figured out who I was? Found my email address and started asking for more. He threatened you with going public. To announce to the world that he’s my father.

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