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Simple Joe

Simple Joe


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Simple Joe Description

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Simple Joe Rupture of an aneurysm due to shock, Can you believe that, Blacha? Come on, What’s your problem? You stuck to some woman, She might have been a junkie, Iwona, come for a moment, It was her fault, Pregnant women shouldn’t come to horse races, I wouldn’t let my wife go there, Marcin, What’s going on? Why did you stop? Why did you want the camera off? What are you doing? I need a minute with him in private, Is it about your wife? Give me a minute, Yes? Stay here, She must be good at banging, I look at a chick and know right away, if she’s good at it, Why do you keep her here, Not to carry a camera for you, Marcin, Jesus! How old is your daughter? Eight, Mine would be three, No! Stop it! You’ll kill him, I’ll kill you, motherer! You killed my wife, You killed my daughter Stop it! Let me go! How do you know, it’s him? How? Who was boasting about it to Sarnecka? Who?! I’m calling security! Shut up! Put on the CD, It’s on the armchair, Motherer, Let him go, Please, Put on the CD, Marcin, please, Leave me alone, Marcin! Let go! Now, look, you shit, Stop it! Look, The bomb on the parking lot by the race course. It was him, too. See? Let him go, See? Are you sure? Yes. Let him go, Marcin, calm down, Look at me, Look at me, She wouldn’t want this, Do you hear me? Stop it, Please, I was waiting for this baby, you motherer, Marcin, no! I beg you! I’ll ing kill you! Listen, Have you any balls? Then do it, Don’t do it, If you’ll do, you’ll become someone like him, Marcin, you’ll be just like him, Do you hear? I love you, Marcin, I love you, I love you, Do you hear me? I love you, I love you, Marcin, Move away from him, On the floor! Blacha, Shut the up! How are you watching me? He could have killed me! Any loser can walk in here and take me down, What will he get for that? Nothing, Nothing? He won’t go to jail, He won’t? I’ll sue him, Have you got witnesses? And what’s this? It’ll be all right, Want a fag? Sure, Fully professional, aren’t you? Always ready, Just go and yourselves, We’ll forget that,

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