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Sleeping Adventures 2

Sleeping Adventures 2


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Sleeping Adventures 2 Description

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Sleeping Adventures 2 The type used to being loved. The type who take love for granted. And there are plenty of men who would love her. Men taller than . But soon my time will come. My opportunity. I can feel it. In the meantime, I play for high stakes. If you dont gamble, you dont win. What are your plans for tomorrow? Why? We have a dinner invitation. Were invited to dinner. We are invited to dinner? Yes. Theres someone I want you to meet. Are you telling others about us, Lotte? Theres just someone Id like you to meet. This ends right here and now. Im really sorry about it. Please dont. No no no, Lotte! You and me do not exist. Please stop it. An impressive resumé youve got here, Lander. Thank you. Yes, I believe Im the right man for Pathfinder. I would like to hear a bit about your life outside the job as well. Is there such a thing? So you live here in Oslo? And are married to? Thank you, Oda. Camilla. Weve been married for nine years. Two kids. They are in school. Does she hold a job? Yes. At a downtown law firm. Ninetofive, every day? Who stays home if the children fall ill? She does, of course. So theres no maid at home during the day? No. Dog? Do we have a dog? No. No? Allergic? No. How much would you consider that your reputation as a leader is worth, Lander? My Game reputation? What do you mean? This work is by Julian Opie and is worth a quarter of a million. Do you own any art in the same price range? Actually, yes. A Munch lithograph. The Brooch. Could you estimate its value just by looking at it? Well, Im not sure. Youre not sure. This one, for instance, consists of a few circles and lines. The coloration is monotone and without texture. The only thing I repeat, the only thing that makes this work worth a quarter of a million is the artists reputation. And your point is the same thing goes for leaders? Exactly. Which is why you will not take this job. What? My God. You applied for it yourself. What else was I supposed to do? You should have had someone tip us off to you and then pretended you didnt know about it when we got in touch.

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