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    House of Blood’. And, of course, the Cajuns, they like to call it ‘Lieu Oú Les Morts Ne Sommeillent Jamais’. Dress Up Games Oh, I like that. Dress Up Games Ain’t that pretty? Dress Up Games I love the sound. Dress Up Games And what does that one mean? ‘Place where the dead never rest’. Then, of course, there’s also ‘Casa Perderosa’. That’s Spanish for ‘House of the lost’. And some call it ‘the spooky old house on down the way’. But nothin’ for y’all to worry about. No, no. Nobody has been murdered in this house in a long time. I mean, it’s not like anybody got murdered here yesterday. Wow, see? Nobody’s been murdered here for a long, long, long time. Dress Up Games Years, it sounds like. Dress Up Games I’m sorry. Did I say years? If I did, I misspoke. There have been very recent murders. It’s just that, uh, not any in this calendar year. By ‘calendar year’, do you mean since January? Exactly. None in this calendar year. Well, that’s four solid months. Well, give or take. Probably more like three and a half, maybe two and a half. I’ll go, like, two months and a week. But don’t get me wrong. It’s a great house. It got really good bones. You mean structurally, right? Not like there’s bones in here someplace! Sure, sure, Vanessa. Dress Up Games Let’s say that’s what I meant. Dress Up Games Ohhh Dress Up Game Well, I will now be on my way. So if y’all need anything, I’ll always be real close by. Goodnight to you both. Dress Up Games Goodnight, F’resnel. Dress Up Games Goodnight, now. Dress Up Games Oh! Dress Up Games Baby, can you Dress Up Game Arggh! Dress Up Games I apologise. Dress Up Games Oh, my God! F’resnel! Almost had the babies right there. Let me get it. I’m sorry, y’all. It sticks on the inside. You gotta jimmy it a bit. But it’s real easy to get open and closed and get access to the home at any point in time during the day or night from the outside. OK. Thanks, F’resnel. Dress Up Games Goodnight to you, now. Dress Up Games Thanks. Goodnight. Dress Up Games We have to get a lock on this.

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