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Smurfs On My Lawn Adventure

Smurfs On My Lawn Adventure


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Smurfs On My Lawn Adventure Description

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Don’t worry, I won’t try it twice. For once, the soldiers of the Confederacy Games Games and the people of Richmond would eat their fill. What General Grant said when he heard Games Games that his prize herd was raided is unquotable. President Lincoln’s comment is a matter of record. Lincoln called it. I knocked a beer bottle down in the kitchen. I stepped in it. It’s nothing, really. So, Mr. Carr, can you tell us what happened? Yeah. We were Games we were upstairs in my office, my wife and I, and we heard a noise. This is my wife Karen. Thanks for coming so quickly. What happened after you heard the noise? Michael went down, and I Games I- I heard another noise. I went down, and Games It’s OK, Mrs. Carr. Just take your time. Well, this man jumped out of the closet, and he and Michael fought. It wasn’t much of a fight, really. I just grabbed his leg. He was trying to get away. Got out in the kitchen. He got ahold of Karen and went out back. He put a knife to her throat. You OK? Yes. You need a doctor? No. You sure? Yeah, thanks. Tiny. Tiny? Come here, Tiny. Not a very good watch cat, are you, Tiny? He’s useless. Well, I guess he likes policemen. We’ll have someone over in the morning to dust for prints. Try and not disturb too much. We’ve had several break-ins in this area lately. We’re pretty sure it’s the same guy. On this street? In this general area, but we’ll get him. Wouldn’t mind being there for that. Does anybody want coffee? Yes. I never turn down coffee. Watch Games Watch the glass. Excuse me. Thanks. If this guy’s been doing this around here, is there any chance he’s going to come back? We were told this was a safe neighborhood. All things considered, Mrs. Carr, this is a safe neighborhood. Mr. Carr probably scared the hell out of the guy, so he won’t come back. I’m getting a gun. What? I’m getting a gun. No guns in this house. Maybe she’ll listen to you guys. Don’t get a gun. You can say that. You’ve got one. And I’m trained to use it. I’ve done some shooting. At targets. Not people. Look, take our advice.

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