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Smurfs On My Lawn

Smurfs On My Lawn


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Smurfs On My Lawn Description

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Smurfs On My Lawn You’re very partial, Mrs. D’sa you call me sir Game and her your daughter. I won’t call you Sir today. I’ll pray to God for your happiness. God bless you, dear. Come. No, bow your head first or else you’ll say I’m partial. Now get ready. Why should I? Only Anand and Bhaskar will be here. Is Anand coming too? Yes. I’ll be leaving then. Why? From the time I’ve heard of his disease, I can’t face him. What’s wrong with him? Nothing, he’ll be alright. I’ll be leaving sir. Sir again. Oh, I shall leave, dear. Please have some sweets. I’ve to go to the church. Don’t you know I don’t eat unless I light the candles. Fine, I shall be leaving. Listen Game Yes? What’s wrong with Anand? He’s sick, he’ll be fine. Then why was Mrs. D’sa scared to face him. She’s like that, a little sentimental. She’s scared of every patient. Mrs. D’sa is a strict matron. I’m sure it’s serious, that’s why you’re hiding. The priest has not yet finished his chanting Game and the bride is besides the groom. Tell me one thing, what treatment is he giving you? What’s wrong with you? A normal cold. Tell me the truth don’t joke. That’s the problem. I told you the Hindi term for it Game But if I say in medical terms like Lymphocercoma of the Nose Game you’ll believe me. You’re lying. I’m not your brother. You’re my sisterinlaw. I’m not. I’m your sister and you’re my brother. Fine. Henceforth I shall call you by your name Suman. Enough, brotherinlaw, be seated. What’s wrong with you all of a sudden? He’s standing from such a long time. Aren’t you ashamed? How will he feel? Suman, he’s right. You’re my sister and he’s my brotherinlaw Game let him call me that. Bhaskar, I know you won’t lie. Tell me the truth. What’s wrong with Anand? Why’re you asking him? Doctors know nothing. Don’t worry about me. An astrologer told me I’ll survive till . I’ve not been interviewed as yet. So you believe in astrologers and Sadhus too. Why not? Will you come with me? I’ve have a tutor, he’s a famous sadhu. Mouni baba, he doesn’t talk. Oh God, I’m dead. Doesn’t he ever talk?

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