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Sneaky Vampire Good Son

Sneaky Vampire Good Son


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Sneaky Vampire Good Son Description

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Sneaky Vampire Good Son And then after I said that, you switched up what you were doing. Just what was your thought process there? Um, I mean, honestly, I thought I was doing like a finishing move. Kind of like a “mortal kombat” thing like, “finish her!” And like really hit it, but game I thought I was doing something like that. It’s not game Next time, just, you know, keep on doing what it was that you were doing because you got her to third and you can get her home. Okay. You waited for me to undress you, which is unnecessary and also a little weird because I’m not your mom tucking you into bed. You kept trying to give me hickeys, which nobody likes. Oh, and you went like way too fast, like you were drilling me for oil. You know, like my whole body was like, “zzhhzzhhzzhh game ” And then game oh, oh, you did find my gspot, but kind of like a driveby, which was cool, but then you kept going. And I so wanted you to stop. Oh, okay, all right. When a girl is helping herself, that’s a good game ing thing. My ex was weird about that too, and it’s game it’s not like we’re competing on some awesome erotic Japanese game show; We are having game . You know, like, embrace the team spirit. Oh, and last night, when we were done, you retreated to the other side of the bed like you planted a bomb down there. So next time, just hold the girl, count to like ten. It’d go a long way, that one. You can thank me later. Other than those things, you were a perfectly adequate lover. Adequate, wow, thank you. Adequate’s not really game See, I knew this would happen game a compliment. I told you this was a bad idea. That’s cool. It’s a fine idea, I’m good. I’m like Teflon, baby, nothing sticks to me. We should totally check out the news though for some updates. As you can see, this storm is showing no signs of slowing down! I want you to look at something. Behind me is the empire state building, but you can’t see it. All you can see is snow. I bet you a bucks Rick Raines is fully erect right now. It’s like an incredible disappearing act game That’s funny. Okay,

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