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Speed Domi Hammi

Speed Domi Hammi


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Speed Domi Hammi Description

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get a dose of Rebecca’s vaccine? Mm-hm. CHRIS: Good. What’s the status on the reinforcements? BSAA and N.Y.P.D. SWAT are on the ground in the thick of it. The state police won’t get there for another three hours. So that means we have to nab Arias all by ourselves. Fantastic. Yo. The signal’s getting worse. LEON: They’re using tanker trucks to spray the virus. He’s not trying to turn a couple thousand. He’s trying to turn them all. We need to take out those tankers. Professor Chambers’ research says the virus can’t handle heat. It’s got the same flash point as gasoline. Perfect. Let’s light a match, watch it burn. I wish we could get to Rebecca first, but the priority is those tankers. So we got three things to do. One, blow up the tankers. Two, get Rebecca. Three, grab the vaccine and deploy it on the city. And grab Arias. Four things. Whatever you say, boss. D.C., Nadia, you guys work from the Osprey. Roger that, C. Gifts from the BSAA. They said that’s the best they can do for us for now. Dibs on the bike. CHRIS: Once the tankers are down, rendezvous at Arias’ place. We might have to put Rebecca on hold Games until we find that vaccine. Got it. Well, you ready to rock? Are you kidding? Let’s do this. THUMPING GROWLING SCREAMING Damian! . Damn it. Any ideas? GROWLING I’ll lead the dogs away. You go blow up some more tankers. Good? Yeah. LEON: Here, boy. Come on! HORN HONKING GROWLING WHIMPERS REBECCA GRUNTING DOOR OPENS FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING This version of the trigger virus is better than the last. Stronger. Your blood was the key. Thank you so much. Unfortunately, increasing the toxicity means Games it can’t be administered via gas anymore. So it’s back to the old needle, I’m afraid. My apologies. If our simulations were correct Games it should start working in half an hour. GASPING Three down. Going for the next one. GUNFIRE ON MONITOR ARIAS OVER PA: Nice to see you again, Mr. Redfield. Arias. Thanks to Professor Chambers, we made the virus much stronger. If you can stick around for, oh, another minutes Games

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