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Speed Imp Adventure 2

Speed Imp Adventure 2


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Speed Imp Adventure 2 Description

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Speed Imp Adventure 2 Nice to see you. Hi. Hi. Thanks for coming. Its looking real good. Not even half of the guests have arrived yet. But I dont have the time to greet anyone either because Game Listen, its going just fine. Congratulations. Fantastic exhibition. Thank you. Something crazy happened today. Like what? I cannot tell you now, but I want you to meet him. Meet who? So this is my husband, Roger Brown. Clas Greve. Nice to meet you. Clas just moved here from the Netherlands. Excuse me. Hi, are you on your way? No, a few screaming kids just liven up the party Game So what brings you to Norway? Work? No. I inherited my grandmothers apartment. She was Norwegian? Yes. And a few months ago, I chose to go into early retirement. So now Ive moved here to redecorate the apartment. So you retired? Yes. From what? I was the CEO of a Dutch technology company. I work with GPS sales. Dutch? Not HOTE, by any chance? Yes, exactly. Werent they just bought up by a large American company? Amtech? You are also in the business? No. But why did you quit? Isnt it exciting? I wont bore you with job chatter. Im in the recruitment business. You wont bore me with job chatter. Are you familiar with Pathfinder? Yes, of course. They were our competitors. Roger, Im sorry, I have to go. But enjoy the rest of your evening. Clas! Pathfinder seeks a new manager. Someone who can stand up against foreign takeovers. How about a meeting? Sorry, Roger. Then lets have lunch. Monday at :. We could drop the job chatter and talk about other things Game art, redecoration, Polish handymen. Could I have a pen? Ill write down the restaurants name. Youre not used to being turned down? A farewell present for long and faithful service? No, I stole it. See you then. Give my regards to your charming wife. I will. This is my husband. Roger Brown. Nice to meet you. Brede Sperre, Kripos. Yes, weve seen you on TV. He investigates art burglaries now. I thought you investigated murders. Yes, but this is getting so big that we sent in all our resources. Were going to stop this now. Are you in the art business as well?

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