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Speed Sith Assault Adventure

Speed Sith Assault Adventure


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Speed Sith Assault Adventure Description

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You don’t understand. Unh! LEON: This is the guy. Please, stop. BARTENDER: Hey! What do you Games Official business. It’s okay. Leon, come on! What do you want? Please. You’re the only one I know from the DSO. It’s my family. You’ve got to save them. What? My wife and my daughter are in Spain. An arms dealer is getting paid Games by the surviving members of Los Iluminados Games to launch a large-scale bioterror attack. I know too much. They’re going to kill me and my family. Did you hear what he said? It’s our lucky day. “Lucky”? Are you crazy? He’s gonna lead us to our guy. What are you talking about? The name Glenn Arias ring a bell? How do you know? I’m psychic. I need your help. My family. Let me get this straight. You try and get me killed Games and now I’m supposed to save your family? Well, how about this? You tell us what you know first, and then we’ll decide if we help. VEHICLE APPROACHING Son of a bitch! He was followed! My family. Please. Save them. Damn it. Rebecca! Target one down. Target two secured. TRUCK ENGINE REVVING D.C., they hit us at the hotel and took Rebecca. Track them. I know the big guy. He’s with Arias. What’s Arias want with Rebecca? I don’t know. I just want to get her back. There goes my vacation. Again. CELL PHONE RINGING WOMAN: Hi, honey, it’s me. Were you able to get the man you said would help? I’m so scared. Selena misses her daddy. Patricio? Hello? GIRL: Can I talk to Papa? WOMAN: Patricio? Who is this? GIRL: Can I talk to Papa? Please. Where’s Patricio? Put my husband on the phone right Games LINE DISCONNECTS There’s a reason he gave that to you before he died. It might have the answers we need in it. We have Rebecca’s laptop. We have leads. Look, man. I need you. INDISTINCT OVERLAPPING VOICES GRUNTS SNARLING I succeeded in reanimating them Games but I haven’t figured out how to keep the bodies from rotting away yet. Practice makes perfect. Meet my guests. My family and some of my dearest friends. Professor Rebecca Chambers. Welcome. I’m Glenn Arias. I heard you found a cure for my merchandise.

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