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Strong Block World Time

Strong Block World Time


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Strong Block World Time Description

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Get them going! Move it along! Keep them moving! Alert your men. Ready on the firing line! Get them moving! All right, split them up! Here they come. Keep them moving! Shall I fire now? No, hold your fire. All right, fire! Fire! Shoot! Get the cattle! Get the cattle! All right, hold, men. Hold! Move them over to the right! Hold your fire! Here’s the second group. Move! Circle them twice! Take it across the bridge. Fast! Williams! Yes, sir. Keep them on the run. Yes, sir! Hatcher! Ropes. Drop it. Swing it over. Pull the rope. Set the next one. Come on, hurry it up! Hatcher, lay a trail. Yes, sir! Get them across the bridge! As soon as the last man’s over, light it. Yes, sir! Move them out! Move them over! Over to the bridge! Everybody out! Move! Across the bridge! Come here. Get me a report of all companies. Regroup here. Follow me! Hatcher! Hey, Mex! Now’s your time! General Hampton’s compliments. He’s got the Union troops contained. It’s clear sailing to Richmond. That’s fine. Just fine. We lost about steers. That’s not bad. You got one eye. Looks like now you got one lung. You keep on fighting like this, you’ll wind up with one of everything. You seem to manage pretty well yourself. For a nine-fingered man. Got wounded. Eight dead, sir. Including Farrow and Hatcher. Must’ve dropped Hatcher when he lit that fuse. He timed it well. If he’d lit that fuse any earlier, l Games He timed it fine. He got chopped down like a hero. Yeah. We’re all heroes. Start pushing that herd. All right, sir. Well Games Games I suppose you’d like to be moving on. The sooner I get to Richmond, the quicker I get home. Better feel your ground. You’re a wanted man Games Games by the Yanks. Kelly? I saw some crazy things at that bridge. One of them was you, risking your life to save a Confederate officer. Seems to me that was Games Games kind of long on gallantry, short on sense. Wouldn’t you say? I try everything on once. See if it fits. Looked kind of stylish on you. I never thought I’d catch myself saying that.

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