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Super Baby Adventure

Super Baby Adventure


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Super Baby Adventure Description

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Super Baby Adventure I also really like that idea of going Dutch on principle except, you know, I don’t have any money so it’s kind of more of an intellectual exercise. Hey, whoa, where are you going? You just got home. Cedric’s friend is having this birthday thing at this bar. So then you’re not cooking dinner? No game yeah. Do you want to come? Well, it kind of depends on the cake situation. Well, the birthday boy is single. And he’s not the brightest but he’s pretty, so he’s perfect for a onenight stand. I don’t know. Do you think I’m ready? Who cares? I’m ready for you to be ready. I mean seriously, how long has it been? Aren’t you horny? Now see, I knew you two little freaks be having these type of conversations when I’m not around. I knew it, especially you. Hi, Cedric. I knew it, I caught you. Well, yes, no, I’m horny but I’m also game Somewhat lazy, sometimes. So the two counteract, like dueling wizards game not anymore. Tonight is the night. Faiza’s setting me up. I’m thinking Ben. I like that, that’s cool. Ben. Whoop. Hello. Hi. What’s up? ID please. I’m a girl. Uh, no, I’m sorry, you look kinda young. Take it like a compliment, all right? Shit! How did you lose your ID again? You don’t go anywhere. Okay, wait, look, I am old enough, I swear. Do you see that, right there? It moves. Oh my God, Megan. Hey, ID. CEDRIC :Oh, shit. Awkward. Hey. I heard you’re doing good. From who? I don’t know, I just game Said that to be nice. Oh game Chris, I think this girl’s trying to get by you. Oh, no. Uh, this is game this is Becca. Becca, this is Faiza and Cedric and Megan. Megan and I, we were together for a bit. Is the abridged version, just like that? You two coming in or what? Nice to meet you. Good seeing you, Megan. I don’t even want to hear you guys say it. Listen, if we knew that he was going to be here I would have warned you. This is a serious pattern, I am regressing. Last year I was in college and I was Chris’s fiancée and I drank wine in restaurants. And now I am at home all day in my underwear, and I’m nobody’s nothing, and I can’t even get into a bar.

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