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Super Big Apartment Escape

Super Big Apartment Escape


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Super Big Apartment Escape Description

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hearing from Nishimiya. Yes. You are right. I’m the worst human being. I’m the one who doesn’t deserve living. But, at least, I thought I don’t want Nishimiya to cry again. Of course, I have no intention to interfere with the two of you. No intention. Ever. But, actually, It’s an issue of myself, too Games Thanks, it’s enough here. Ok. Well.. I’m very sorry that you believed what I said.. But actually I’m Shoko’s Games You understand? Oops! You are her little sis!? Bye! Oh, Nishimiya-san’s mother Games Hey, let’s go. Hey, it hurts. I’m very sorry Games I’m home. Yu-ju, Hey, sis! I’b zorry, I’b zorry! All right, no problem. Hey. I wanna drink gramma’s beefsteak plant juice. Yuzuru. Don’t be friends with such a guy. Say same thing to Shoko from you, too. We can decide such a thing by ourselves. Both I and sis. Hey boy! Nice to see you! Why are you here today? To return his umbrella I borrowed the other day. Oh boy. You are doing a good thing. Nagatsuka-kun, she is not a boy Games Little sis of Nishimiya. Of course, I knew it. I’m glad to see a friend of my best friend Ya-sho. He is my classmate, Na-ga-tsu-ka. Hey, hey! Well.. I got my new smartphone. Well.. Do you have a smartphone too? Then you enjoy texting? To whom? Your classmates? Oh, that’s good. Then do you have someone you want to add to text to? The address of someone you want to know. Great, then my address is Games What? Sa Games Ha Games Ra. Sahara-san? The classmate from elementary school? Ya-sho, Ya-sho! Then? Are you going to look for Sahara-san? Don’t joke. I’m not such a girl. But I really think Kawai-san is very clever. Kawai-san Games Ya-sho? But Mashiba-kun is also.. Kawai-san Games ? What? I..I have something to ask of you. Do you know the phone number or something to contact Sahara-san, our classmate in elementary school? Sahara-san? Sorry, I don’t know, But I know her school, as she belongs the same high school as Nao-chan. Taiyo Girl’s High School Games Shoot! I don’t have enough money. Ishida-kun. Use this. What!? I don’t need that much! Don’t mind, Ya-sho. When you need travel, meal, and then love hotel expenses, You will be need that much. Hey! We are here! My sis says She’s pissed at you since you are looking for a past classmate without her. So take her with you, Ishida. Are you tired? Thank you for today. I am happy to hear that you are trying to look for Sahara-san. I have heard some news about you from Yuzuru. I’m happy being together today! Well Games Walking from here.. Sho-chan? Sorry. Sho-chan! I’m Sahara! Do you remember me? Hello! Huh? Ishida-kun? Heh heh heh. Long time no see. I continued to study sign language after that. Is this correct? When you disappeared in elementary school I’m sorry. I have been thinking of Sho-chan for long time. I’m happy to see you again. And surprised. Hum, hum Games Oh, really? Huh, and now, What kind of school you are going to? I see. And, hey, your chest got big, you know. What’s your cup size? I’ll check for myself! Where are you going? A restroom. I see. Hello! We are handing out

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