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Super Big Zombie Cats Adventure

Super Big Zombie Cats Adventure


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Super Big Zombie Cats Adventure Description

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I am afraid too, but think about it… we need to talk. As you wish. I know how you and your brother are. And what Kir is going to turn into. Vera! If you in your heart feel sorry for me, just a little bit… You should be submissive without any doubts. Understand. And help me to help my son and my daughter. Let me help you. This baby, Alex… I don’t care about your child. I want to know what you are going to do about this child. We have become estranged. You are a stranger and you always have been. And you always will be. What are you talking about? Were we always estranged? Will we always be two strangers? Vera, I don’t want to yell at you. I don’t want to harm you. I don’t want to hurt you. I just want to know what you are going to do. Vera, you’re in trouble, do you get that? You’ve become tired. Are you really so tired? And you… What are you going to do? Sleep! Hello? All right, Vera, get the breakfast ready. We’ll go on. You’re going to be their mother and I’m going to be their father. Hello? Talk! Long distance call. Is this -? Yes. He hung up. Where was this phonecall from? From the city. -. Would you like to call back? Hello. Are you still on the phone? No. Thank you. Robert… Dad, who called? Mark. Let’s go. Was Grandfather like Georgy? What do you mean? Was he as old? No. He was younger. Why did he die? Everybody dies. Why is there no writing on this stone like on the others? I don’t know. It is probably what he wanted. Hello? No, it’s Frida. This is Kir. How are you? We’re home doing nothing. May I speak with Flora? Yes, hold on. Flora! It’s for you. It’s Kir. Hello? Hi Flora. Hi. How are you? Mom and Dad are going out… …and we’re staying home with Grandma. Come over! Who’s on the phone? Kir. May he come over? Sure, give me the phone. Hi Kir. Hi. Is your father there? I want to talk to him. I’ll tell him few words and then I’ll let you talk with her. Ok. Dad, it’s for you. Hello. Hello, Alexander. Liza and I are going to the city. Do you need anything? No, thank you. The girls were saying that Kir and Eva might come over.

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