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Super Butterfly Fantasy Time

Super Butterfly Fantasy Time


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Super Butterfly Fantasy Time Description

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No autopsy will be made. Yes. Well then… There were a few morphological changes… …that could have been caused by narcotics. What’s weird is that they didn’t try to resuscitate her. They were very calm saying that she had to sleep for a while. That means that everything went normal. See… they did their job and woke her up to make sure she was all right. I don’t know. One more thing. I found this next to her. It’s a pregnancy test result. The other side. Will you tell him? No. You’re not allowed to stand up. Give me something. As much as I need to make it for hours. You are not allowed to stand up for any reason. Give me something! You don’t understand the situation. I just need to… To walk. Then I’ll go with you. No. It’s just for us. He might need emergency help. I’ll be here. This is for Mark. Please take care of him. What are you doing here? Let’s go inside. Yes, I’m listening. Vera, don’t fall asleep. Try not to fall asleep, do you hear me? I’ll be right there. Leave the door unlocked. Still there? Do you hear me? I’ll be right there. Vera! Vera! It’s cold. I’ll make another one. Robert? Yes? Promise that you won’t tell anybody. Where are the children Vera? They’re sleeping at Nina’s. Robert? Yes. Promise me. I promise. It’s dawn. Mama, who was it? I have received a letter. From Dad? No. From who? Mom, come see, he cut open Linda’s head! Why did you do that? I wanted to see what was inside. And? Nothing. What did you think that you would see? It’s just a doll, Mom. He said that there’s no need for clowns in a circus. Don’t lie. I said I’m not interested in clowns. That’s enough. Go play. Hello? Hi. It’s Robert. How do you feel? Honestly? Not well. We were supposed to go see the circus, but I felt sick. I asked Nina to take the children to the circus. Would you like me to come over? Would you come? Yes. The other day, I lost the keys to my apartment. The landlord lives on the other side of the city. I thought that he might have a spare key. But I couldn’t remember his phone number. It was in my notebook, inside my apartment.

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