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Super Cocktail Beach

Super Cocktail Beach


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Super Cocktail Beach Description

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They used to drop acid and make these weird avant garde movies of each other staring into the camera picking their noses, stuff like that. You knew him? Oh, I bought into his rap for a while until I actually saw one of his films. It was ludicrous. The audience laughed it off the stage. “Possessor” was his response. How do you mean? He didn’t like being laughed at so he shot all of “Possessor” except for the last scene. When he showed the film, he played the last scene live on stage. He murdered his family in front of the audience. What? Set fire to the theater, locked the doors. A lot of people were killed. I always thought the film went up in smoke, too, but I guess a fragment of it survived. I think we should just turn it over to the police. Yeah. Not a good idea for the Horrorthon. It’s a total bummer. I mean, who wants to see a film where a guy really goes berserk and kills his entire family? Mm. Exactly. Back to Dr. M. All right. Really. Mom? Oh! You scared me. You all right? Have you ever heard of this guy named Lanyard Gates? No, I don’t think so. Why? Because we found this film that he made, “Possessor”. Mom, I think that this is a man that I’ve been dreaming about. It’s really weird. Maggie, I want you to quit this festival. I’m gonna get some tickets for us down at the agency and we’ll go away together, just the two of us. What are you talking about? I can’t just take off like that. Well, sure you can. We never tied ourselves down before. And if these dreams are starting again… Mom, I’m not gonna run away, okay? I mean, I can’t run away from something that’s inside of my head. I know it sounds completely off the wall, but there’s something happening here that I’ve been looking for all of my life. It’s almost like it’s psychic or something. Does that make any sense? Yeah. What’s wrong? Oh, just every once in a while I realize that you’re all grown up and I miss that little girl you used to be. That little girl who used to need me so much. I gotta get to bed. Yeah. Good night. Good night, sweetie. Hello? The ninth circle of hell is reserved for traitors.

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