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Super Cubikill Adventure

Super Cubikill Adventure


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Super Cubikill Adventure Description

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to charm them. Hello brother-in-law. Greetings. Why are you holding my hand like a gun in army? Don’t know how many Pakistani soldiers he would’ve killed in the desert? He’s squeezing my hand and says l’m powerful. Please sit down. Brother! Your suit is excellent, brother-in-law. Why have you come like new heroine opening a Kalamandir showroom? Moreover blushing shy. Don’t your family have basic civic sense too? How is your medical practice? Good. You’ve done operations with right hand, do l need to ask you? l wanted to greet you personally on your birthday, but didn’t come because it won’t be nice to come before marriage, you’ve raised your nephew very well, they keep knives where we’ve to eat with hands and are not sharp too, Father! Much better! You don’t lose heart, uncle. l’m scared. This is fine. Unable to cut it. Do you also want this? He’s an army man, he’ll manage, you carry on father. Welcome Home Minister! Minister is very close to me. l called him for my build up but he’s kissing their hands. Greetings sir. What brings you here, Minister? He called me for a meeting. Nothing, just for fun. No, tell him if you’ve anything. Nothing, my job is over. Who do you think he is? Who is he? My political mentor! Bye sir. You came to right time, have food and go. Your invitation is humbling me, sir. l’ll take leave sir. Okay bye. You don’t lose heart, uncle. You’ve not only earned well but have good reach in power too. Tell me, when shall we fix the marriage? Why haste in fixing the marriage? She’s yet to finish studies. Didn’t you marry Ananda Rao when you were just years old? How did he come to know about our marriage? may be he knows my name is Chinna before marriage. They both like each other, it’s good if we fix their marriage quickly. Not that Games Look, you’re the only lady in our two homes, it would be good if you conduct the marriage. Let’s fix a good auspicious date for marriage. What do you say Ananda Rao? As you say! You don’t lose heart, uncle! What lose? Already lost it! You said daring and dashing, made challenges

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