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Super Demolition Strong City

Super Demolition Strong City


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Super Demolition Strong City Description

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A woman has had an abortion. She might be in a coma. A few hours ago. I’ll wait. He’s coming. Where? In the bedroom. She needs to go to the hospital. I’ll call for an ambulance. We should take her to the hospital. No, no. Why? What is the problem? Believe me, it’s better to call for an ambulance. Mark, we need to talk. She is dead. I am going to declare it as a cardiac arrest. I am so sorry. My advise for you is to take care of your brother. He is your brother, isn’t he? Poor girl! Alex… Alex… Alex, calm down. I have to tell you something. Later. It is important. Nothing is important anymore. We have to rush the formalities. The gossip is spreading very fast around here. Even before something happened. I want this, The cheapest coffin. The night gown she has on. No makeup. Don’t touch her. The funeral is tomorrow at noon. I want to see her. I’ll take you there. This way. Go. I want to stay here. I’ve killed her. I’ve killed my wife. It was an accident. What have I done? Let’s not talk about what happened, let’s talk about what should be done now. What should be done? Bury Vera. Damn you, Mark. Go. Mark? You had a heart attack. You need to go immediately to the hospital. Tomorrow I should stand up. At least for few hours. Absolutely not. Don’t call the ambulance! I don’t go anywhere. I don’t negotiate this. You owe me. OK. You’re the boss. Go call my brother. But don’t talk too much. Mark is calling for you. It’s worse than he thinks. Call Viktor and tell him… I’ve already called him. How are the kids? They don’t know anything yet. That’s true. You need to tell them. Calm down. I know what I’m supposed to do. That’s good. Why didn’t you tell me anything? They should have seen that something was wrong with her. I tried to tell you earlier… I’ll tell you what I think it happened. I believe, that she died from a different reason. Overdose. They were very strong. Just few tablets are enough to make you not wake up again. It seems that she took all of them at once. Are you sure? We’ll be sure only after the autopsy.

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