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Super Escape to the beautiful princess

Super Escape to the beautiful princess


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Super Escape to the beautiful princess Description

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What? Rolling. And action! Look at those jugs. Side by side. Quite a coincidence, right? Have you quit your singing career? Have you quit lapping up coffee? Look at those jugs. Do you think they’re plants? Plants! It’s your turn to undress. Are you serious? Or do you want to hear “Candyfloss Love”? -I’ll undress. Where’s Tuomas? He’s not coming. Not coming? Not coming! Hasta luego. Even Nippe is coming, and Willy ed… …and Willy ed his wife with that enormous . -What? Nothing like that… Keep going a while longer! I think I’m going to… throw up. You forgot the candlestick. No, it’s here in the bag. Willy’s willy. Cool. Is this his hand? Again! We received this. The People’s Award. Knock over gravestones somewhere else. Be quiet. You’re saying she’s single? I’ll have to use the back door. Was Willy in your dream? The best director’s comment ever. With pleasure. I really need a drink. Alex… I’m pregnant. It’s not yours. You want a ride? I know who you are. You are Alexander. I’m Max, Georgy’s son. Do you remember me? I am a mailman, in the city. I came to your house. I don’t remember. If you’ll excuse me. I don’t feel like talking. Mark, I’m at the train station. We need to talk. Which train station? Ok. Let’s talk… No, I’m coming over. There’s no more trains at this time. I’ll find a car. I’ll wait for you down at the bar. Or at the casino. It’s right next door. I know. Max, can we talk for a minute? Yes. Can you let me have your car tonight? Sure. Where should I leave it? At your house? Leave the keys inside the glovebox. Alex… Be quiet. Hello, Viktor? This is Alexander. Yes. I got here yesterday. A week or so. OK. We’ll do it that way. Come over today by five. Yes. Of course. OK. See you soon. How do you like it here? Does it look changed? Everything looks the same. Kir! Eva! Come here! How long has been since you left? Years? Twelve. How’s Mark doing? Do you see your brother? He’s fine. What about his family? Is he at least seeing his children? I don’t know. Your father missed them a lot. Did he ever see your children?

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