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Super Fire’s Revenge Time

Super Fire’s Revenge Time


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Super Fire’s Revenge Time Description

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Down with Hamilton. Down with him. What made you do that? Senator Roberts said you wouldn’t help us. He told us. Were you a soldier? ─ Yes. You nearly got me. He must have been a sharpshooter. Were any of you men at Monmouth or Trenton? Yes, I was there. We pretty near got licked. Were any of you at Valley Forge? Yes, plenty. I nearly froze to death. Froze my foot. You trusted Washington. Through those days of cold and hunger. You must trust him now. He’s still your friend. Just as he was then. ─ He’s right. If any man had good cause for complaint. Washington was the first to listen to him. And give him justice. Wasn’t he? A cheer for Washington! Let him go. A cheer for Hamilton! Hello, Zekial. Why .. Master Hamilton. You’ve come at last. You’d better don’t let Miss Betsy see you. You scallywag. What do you mean? Where is your Mistress? ─ Bless my soul. She’s looking out of the window for you most of the time. Am I late, Zekial? ─ You sure is. You was more than late for tea, Master Hamilton. Is that you, Amiable?

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