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Super Knight

Super Knight


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Super Knight Description

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Super Knight This babe will be the end of you, one day, Which babe? We’ve got some issue, Edgy’s been spotted by the cops, Which means, we’ve got some leak in here, Someone’s a snitch, Baldy was selling out, but he promised not to do it anymore, It’s a coincidence, I don’t believe it, You are a doubter, You don’t believe your mum, that she gave birth to you, What is he shitting on about? I don’t believe anyone, You the least, You think you can ing accuse me? Sit down, Yes, Sit down, You’d beeter not give us your cheek, Jas, Oh, Hammer, You’re always at him, If Blacha whistled, all of us would already be in jail, I’m telling you, it’s Blacha, You know, When I look back now, I’m wondering, how could I be dealing with these, people, Quiet, bitch, You ing, Jas! Beat it! Jas! off! Beat it, er! What the ?! What’s happened? Let’s go, What’s going on? Get in, You’ll drive, My baby won’t say hello to daddy? I’m busy now, Don’t you see? Sorry, I won’t interrupt, Hi, honey, Hi, My wife won’t give me a hug? Kasia, breakfast is ready! Is it nice, mum? Beautiful, Where did you get this necklace from? I found it in dad’s car, Can I keep it? It’s yours, Well, Love of a woman, And children can really make a lot of mess, Do you have children? No, Mira, My love, The only one, And Malgosia? You know, that she still loves you? Really? She always loved me to the max. Good morning, We are policemen, My name is Gazda, and this is my partner, inspector Sikora, We want to ask you few questions and actually one, Who did it to you? Don’t be afraid, We’ll protect you, Just trust us, Maybe it wasrt a rape? Stop it, May I? You don’t have to say anything, I’ll say the names just confirm, if it’s one of them, Was it, Edgy? Preacher? How about The Flash? Hammer? Rysiek? Blacha, perhaps? Was it Blachowski? It’s his fault, It was Blacha, Because of Malgosia I felt like complete jerk. I didn’t know then, that she led me, into a mine field. But that was just the beginning. One has to pay for one’s being naive. But let’s start from the beginning. Malgosia, Malgosia, How are you feeling?

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