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Super Lost Treasury

Super Lost Treasury


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Super Lost Treasury Description

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What can you do if bad luck is playing with me? My condition is like Sehwag hitting the last ball. l’ll talk to your father, l mean l’ll fight and settle it. Make your move fast. ln politics l stun opposition with my deft moves, but l’m getting beaten by you here always. lt has become routine to me. lf you’d moved your minister here earlier, you would’ve won the game. lt’s very easy to advice. You’ll know victory or defeat if you play a game. Come and play. Brother Games Just knowing game will not give you victory, you must have the intelligence to anticipate opponent’s move. ls there any man here to win over you, brother-in-law? The game is not yet finished! You said you can anticipate ten moves, l planned the eleventh move. You said there’s no man to win over me, right? See, he won over me anticipating my moves from my words. Can l find any better man than him? Dear, not only you, l too like him very much. l wanted my son-in-law to be like me, but now l found one who is greater than me. Durga, l’m fixing the marriage. Have a blast! What for this marriage, Ramanamma? No life for me, why extra baggage of wife to me? Stop it! Who is he like a drunken monkey? lnstead of singing happy song, he’s singing useless song. Take him and check his body. Don’t say no to marriage, my boy Games Wife will be your only support in the end Games lf you marry, you will have children Games They’ll fondly call you as father Games lf you tie the knot, it’s a bond of love Games lsn’t this bond of love the centre of procreation? marriage is where Gods descend to bless Games Agree to marry without troubling us, Subrahmanyam Games Why do you trouble us? Agree to marry Subrahmanyam Games lf you marry, life will be happy Games Life will rock with the arrival of wife Games How long will you be solo, Subrahmanyam Games Don’t delay, say yes immediately, the girl is fantastic, Subrahmanyam Games Don’t ponder Games don’t trouble Games agree Games life will rock, Subrahmanyam Games She’ll fall at your feet at dawn Games She’ll make your tea and serve you Games

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